anna kiss





trapped in between: there are lines and there are instances.

they are blurring and they are forming alternate situations – this is this and that is that.

each eating the other.

and what is which is unclear, only the abstract is definite.

your head is spinning and my heart is spinning

but the walls don’t cave in

the eyes do not get gone

my arms needlessly flung

my hands released from the wrists

yet your brain busy ticking,

turning and moving all over

I cannot think to feel

the motions of everything

they are impressing their strength into my hole where the bad dreams go,

where the waking thoughts are disappearing to

this is just another act of narcissism

just another glance in the mirror

I do not know all I need to know

I cannot think to freak

to dream

to move

to breathe in is to breathe out again

and everything is trying so hard to be everything else.

and I do not have the answers,

I do not feign the truth

because all that you are is a puzzle to me –

a huge braid of my thoughts of you

and my dreams of you

crossed over with the words that you say.










everything here copyright anna kiss