anna kiss





Unwanted Love


you have made me seventeen again and all filled up with emptiness.
your magic is sighs impressed in heart-wrenching detail
and yet your hands and thus your pen, are left in the dark. 
i am losing myself in myself, 
you have shot the first arrow, 
cast stones in the pool of my heart 
and all the while your face has been turned the other way, 
over your shoulder, asking vultures for their wings.
you have left me terrified, 
unwilling to escape my life, to unravel it.
i am ignorant of these devices, 
these loves two at once and uneaten sandwiches fallen out of palms.
i am begging for someone to send help:
the stars have not yet crashed into my eyes, 
i am holding them at bay, 
trying, as hard as I might, to trap them in jars.





everything here copyright anna kiss