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collaborative monsters with aleksander




Aleksander lines things up.

I am the journalist of his exploration of the linear. I document his dissection of the orderly and yet, the arcane.


A Review of Aleksander's Work, by guerrillamama:

"Breathtaking and deeply significant. Aleksander's exploration of space challenges the viewer to step out of her own space-mind, and actively engage with the discourse of realization. Paradoxically, Aleksander reifies objectification through his focused centralization of each item. For example, in "Line of Cookie Cutters" his playful use of textures beckons to the viewer, while raising underlying questions about order, conformity, and subjective positionality. "Line of Animal Magnets" juxtaposes comfort and mundanity with terror, daring the viewer to grapple with the unknown while pulling it just out of reach. "Line of Yarn Balls," with its behemoth black yarn ball looming over a tiny yellow yarn ball, is both mournful and defiant. Aleksander's incisive commentary is the mark of an artist to watch."